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We were fortunate to serve a customer in sunny Cape Coral, we sent a large crew and was able to tear off and install the underlayment in 1 day. We go through the ways that Triumph is able to make that happen and see the reaction of the actual homeowner when asked about the speed and efficiency of our crews. The tile roof installation was a sight to behold. Hurricane Ian was devastating, but Triumph was up to the task. We also speak to Joseph Kapp, and find out how his involvement makes the job go smooth.

Project Notes

  • The tear off and underlayment install was performed in 1 day and a few days later the tiles were installed.
  • The customer was amazed at the speed, efficiency and professionalism of the crew from Triumph property Service
  • We find out about the importance of the Triumph Property Service Project Coordinator’s work in the process of of post hurricane recovery.


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